Artillery of The Victorian Forts

9pr. R.M.L. Field Gun Mark II


This carriage was designed to take the 8cwt or the 6cwt gun.



9pr R.M.L. Field Gun MkII


The 9pr RML filed gun was adopted for horse and light field artillery in 1871. The carriage was one of the first to be made of wrought iron with wood wheels but proved difficult to move over uneven terrain. It was used in the second Afghan War in 1879 and the Zulu War in 1879. It saw service in the 1882 Egyptian Campaign.


9pdr RML

9pdr RML at Fort Nelson


9pr RML at Firepower


9pdr RML dated 1876 at Firepower, Woolwich


9pdr 8cwt gun at Southsea Castle: Portsmouth

9pdr 8cwt at Southsea Castle: Portsmouth