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Victorian Artillery


Arming the Forts: The Armament of the Land Front Forts

Armstrong The Great Gunmaker

Hampshire Artillery Volunteers

Occupation of the Portsmouth Forts & Garrison Artillery

Victorian Artillery Carriages and Platforms Drawings

Victorian Artillery Barrels

List of Guns in use during the Victorian Period

Traversing Platforms Nomenclature

Identifying Victorian Gun Emplacements

Photographs of Gun Emplacements

Gallery of Artillery

Paul Williams Gallery of Artillery  

The Brennan Torpedo

The Moncrieff Disappearing Counterweight Carriage

The Hydropneumatic Disappearing Mountings

The 8 inch “disappearing” gun at North Head (Fort Cautley), Auckland

The High Angle Mountings

Mallet's Great Mortars

Wagons and Carts used by the Royal Artillery and Royal Engineers

Artillery Model gallery

9.2inch B.L. Gun Marks and Dispostion of Mountings
9.2inch gun at Fort Charles Bermuda

Railway Proof Sleigh No.10 of 1886

Pneumatic Dynamite Gun (Zalinsky)

'Big Will' Armstrong 600-pounder 13.3-inch RML

The Norwegian (Oscarsborg) Armstrong Guns

Victorian Ammunition




Gas Checks 

Fuzes and Tubes

Ammunition and Powder Boxes 

Muzzle Derrick

Shot Bearer


Coast Defence Batteries


Coast Defence: Description and Purpose

Coast Defence: Range Finding

Irish Coast Defence Batteries: Gallery by Dag Schmidtke

Trincomalee: Hood's Tower by Tim Willasey-Wilsey

Casemate fittings: Mantlets