Book List and sources of information


Public Record Office Kew.
The Report of the Commissioners appointed to consider the Defences of the United Kingdom together with the minutes of evidence, appendices and correspondence relating to the site of an internal arsenal.22.08.59 & various appendixes. - Now on microfishe
WO33/4 Memo by Burgoyne The Defences of Portsmouth
WO33/7 The Defences of Portsmouth with reference to the long range and accurate aim of Armstrong's rifled gun.
WO55/1548 1844 Memo by the Duke of Wellington.
WO78/494 Report to accompany the project for completing the Defences of Portsmouth December 1857. Jervois.
Report of Montgomery Committee 1898.
WO33/2770 Precis of Correspondence Relating to the Defences of Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight prior to January 1893.
WO33/2771 Precis of Correspondence Relating to the Defences of Portland prior to 1893
WO33/2772 Precis of Correspondence Relating to the Defences of Plymouth prior to 1893
WO33/2773 Precis of Correspondence Relating to the Defences of Pembroke prior to 1893
WO33/2774 Precis of Correspondence Relating to the Defences of S.E. Coast prior to 1893
WO33/2775 Precis of Correspondence relating to the Defences of Dover prior to 1893


Portsmouth Central Library Local History Collection

Treatise on Service Ordnance 1904 - H.M.S.O.
The Peril of Portsmouth & Portsmouth Protected James Fergusson.
Journals of the Royal United Services Institution.
The Defences Of Portsmouth Adair
Extracts from Hampshire Telegraph of 1887.
Report of the Committee Appointed to enquire into the Construction Condition and Cost of Fortifications erected in 30.31 Victoria Statutes together with minutes of evidence. 1868


Books out of print

Fortification - its past achievements recent development and future progress. - Sir George Sydenham Clarke. 1907.
Hampshire Coastal Defence Since the Introduction Of Artillery A.D.Saunders.
Coast Defences Of England and Wales 1856-1956 I.V.Hogg.
Nineteenth Century Defences of Portsmouth and the Solent Sea Forts. by Major A.J.Harfield - Extracts from The Military Chest.

Fortress Britain - Andrew Saunders
Military Architecture - The Art of Defence form Earliest Times to the Atlantic Wall by Quentin Hughes


General Background

 British Fortification - Nick Dyer


Specific Fortifications

The Fortifications of Alderney - Colin partridge and Trevor Davenport

Alderney’s Victorian Forts and Harbour by Trevor Davenport. The Alderney Society and Museum
Fort or Follies , a History of Plymouth's Palmerston Forts - Freddy Woodward
Bermuda Forts 1612 - 1957 - Dr. Edward Cecil Harris
Strong as the Rock of Gibraltar - Quentin Hughes
The Historic Defences of Plymouth - Andrew Pye and Freddy Woodward
British Military Architecture in Malta - Stephen C. Spiteri
Fortifications of East Anglia - Peter Kent
The London Mobilisation Centres - Alec Beanse and Roger Gill


The Solent Papers (obtainable from here)

No. 1 Spitbank and the Spithead Forts - Garry Mitchell
No. 2 The Needles Defences - Anthony Cantwell
No. 3 Fort Nelson and the Portsdown Forts - Garry Mitchell
No. 4 Hilsea Lines and Portsbridge - Gary Mitchell
No. 5 Fort Gilkicker - David Moore
No. 6 Fort Brockhurst and the Gomer - Elson Forts - David Moore
No. 7 Fort Fareham - David Moore

No.8 The Stokes Bay Defences - David Moore

No.9 Fort Nelson - A History and Description - David Moore
No.10 The East Wight Defences - David Moore
No.11 Fort Rowner: Gosport Advanced Lines - David Moore
No.12 Portsmouth Lines and Southsea defences - David Moore
No.13 Fort Blockhouse and Fort Monckton - David Moore
No.14 Fort Gomer and Fort Elson - David Moore


Victorian Fortification Publications

VF1 : Arming the Forts: David Moore :
VF2 : Mallet's Mortar :Geoffrey Salter and David Moore

VF3 :The Brennan Torpedo The Worlds First land launched wire guided Torpedo : Alec Beanse :

VF4: The London Mobilisation Centres Alec Beanse and Roger Gill
VF5: A Handbook of Military Terms: David Moore :

VF6: Fort Burgoyne: A Dover land front fort.


Books on Artillery

Cannon, The Conservation, Reconstruction and Presentation of Hisoric Artillery : Austin C. Carpenter
Guns and Carriages : Austin C. Capenter
Early British Quick Firing Artillery : Len Trawin
Allied Artillery of World War One : Ian V Hogg
Guns and Gunners at Sheoburyness - Tony Hill


Solent Papers Publications