Milford Haven

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Defensible Barracks
Chapel Bay Battery RML position
Dale Fort entrance
East Blockhouse 9.2-inch BL emplacement

Pembroke Defensible Barracks

Chapel Bay

Dale Fort

East Blockhouse

East Blockhouse 6-inch BL emplacement
Hubberstone Fort barracks
NE Martello Tower
NE Martello Tower: roof

East Blockhouse

South Hook Fort barracks
South Hook Fort Sea battery
South Hook Fort 10-inch RML emplacement
South Hook Fort 9.2-inch BL emplacement
South Hook Fort sea battery
Stack Rock
Thorn Island Fort
West Blockhouse

Stack Rock Fort

West Blockhouse

Fort Popton viewed from the sea
Fort Popton barracks
SE Martello Tower

Photos (C) Mike Darling
Ian Stevenson & Bill Stanford

Fort Popton

Fort Popton


Pembroke 1917


Photographs of Milford Haven